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In this two-minute read, we share five resources which landlords may find helpful during the extended lockdown period. It’s a bewildering time for most people.   At Citydeal Estates we’re working hard to ensure our landlords and... read more »
Tomorrow is World Earth Day (April 22), and in this 90-second read, we discover the impact the Coronavirus has had on the environment.   The outbreak has caused pain, misery, and anxiety across the globe.   But it has also had what many... read more »
If you feel you're spending a little too much time online lately, these easy to follow steps can help you take a digital detox. A three-minute read. Let's face it most of you have probably spent too much time online over the past month or so. &nb... read more »
A short but sweet 90-second read.   In this quick round-up, we share some of the good news happening during life under lockdown. Welcome to the this Feelgood Friday update from us at Citydeal Estates.  And it's a Good Friday Easter sp... read more »
In this two-minute read, we look at some sensible and practical advice for landlords wondering what to do during the Coronavirus outbreak.   The only thing that seems certain during this period of history is the uncertainty we're all experienc... read more »
In this four-minute read, we look at the Government’s guidelines around questions tenants and landlords are asking us.   The Government has issued information about the rights and responsibilities that both tenants and landlords have dur... read more »
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