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Acton Area Guide


3 reasons to move to Acton, West London


It’s not easy to find an area that’s well-connected to the vibrant city life without losing its residential charm, but it seems that Acton, in West London, has achieved that perfect balance. Located within the London Borough of Ealing, Acton has a rich history, fantastic period properties and a quiet residential vibe that appeals to families. At the same time, it also boasts excellent transport links so if you want to stay connected to London’s hustle and bustle, you’ll love it here. So, if you’re property hunting and still haven’t decided on the location yet, here are three compelling reasons to reach out to Acton estate agents today. 


1. Beautiful architectural style 

Acton has property types and architectural styles for everyone, but if there’s one area where it truly shines, those are period properties. The area has a rich history, and its many Victorian and Edwardian terraced houses stand proof of that. In the past, Acton was the favourite retreat of London’s high society, and now you’ll find on the market plenty of sophisticated properties and even ex-authority homes. Impressive facades and ornamental gardens are almost everywhere, and many tourists come here for the architecture alone. In 2013, Acton was home to the largest housing estate in West London, with 2,000 homes and 5,800 residents. 


2. A vibrant community and plenty of things to do 

From the colourful Acton High Street Market to the Green Flag Award Winner Acton Park, Acton appeals to both young people and families with this wide variety of things to do. The area attracts many international residents, so you’ll be able to enjoy fantastic restaurants with international cuisine, vibrant pubs, and hundreds of community events. Whether you want to spend a chill Saturday afternoon exploring the historic buildings around the Town Hall, pamper yourself with a shopping session at The Oaks Shopping Centre, or spend some time with the kids at Gunnersbury Park, you’ll never get bored here. Acton mostly attracts young residents from diverse backgrounds, so festivals, concerts, cultural events take place several times a year. 


3. Excellent transport connections 

Did you know that Acton is in more station names than any other place in the UK other than London? To be more precise, Acton has seven railway stations bearing its name, making it one of the best-connected areas to live in. If you commute to work or want to get to Uni easily, Acton is a great place to live thanks to its transport links. It’s also just a short 20-minute minute drive to Heathrow Airport (or 30 minutes by public transport), so if you travel a lot, you’ll find Acton very convenient. 


Who lives in Acton?

Thanks to its excellent transport links and vibrant community, Acton property is especially popular with young professionals who can easily commute to work. Acton is close to Imperial College London, so many students live here too. Apart from the many residential properties for sale, Acton lettings are also popular, so this market caters to a wide range of people. And, even if the impressive historic properties in the area might make it seem a bit financially intimidating, you can find properties in all price ranges and for all lifestyles. 



If you’d like to know more about Acton, come to visit us, or call us on 02088960800.